First, I believe the continents are different and the mountains are higher than they were before the flood. This is the obvious conclusion we come to based on Psalm 104: 5-9. If the floor of the ocean was pushed up to sea level today, I am told that all the water in the oceans would reach an average depth of 12,000 feet all over the world. That would leave a lot of mountains still uncovered! There are many mountains today that are much higher than 12,000 feet! There are even mountain ranges on the ocean floor that are taller than that! But David specifically said, "The mountains rose and the valleys sank down..." (Psalm 104:8).

There are many mountains in the world that are taller than 12,000 ft. Greater Mount Ararat today is a little over 17,000 feet in elevation. "The ark rested upon the mountains (plural) of Ararat". The ark, if it still exists, is somewhere in that range of mountains. When it rested, the tops of the mountains were not yet seen. The mountains of Ararat are undoubtedly higher than they were before the flood waters began to recede. The entire Ararat range apparently rose, even as other mountain ranges around the globe rose! Even evolutionary scientists admit that at least what they call "younger mountains" were thrust upward at some time in the past. Mount Moran, which we just spoke of is just one of numerous examples we could cite.

The Oceans Deepen

The biblical chronology of events during the time of Noah’s flood makes it very clear that the water went down very quickly! According to the biblical chronology, there were only 29 days from the time that the dove finally found a place to build a nest until not only had the waters all rushed into the oceans and lakes in the world, but the "earth was dry!!" (Genesis 8:6-13). The flood waters were not just dropping vertically; they were rushing in torrents off the mountains, which had been suddenly thrust up into high ranges, into the valleys that had just as suddenly sunk down! So, if the flood waters were only 6,000 feet deep covering the pre-flood world, and if it took 6 days for all that water to drop to its present level, with the conditions described in the Scriptures, that would be 1,000 vertical feel of water dropping worldwide, swirling and rushing somewhere each of those 6 days!

 I personally believe that the flood waters were actually deeper than 6,000 feet because there are places where the ocean today, into which most of that water rushed, are over six miles (32,000 feet) deep! The Marianna Trench near the Philippine Islands is much deeper than Mount Everest is high above sea level! What tremendous force that water would have had under those conditions; cutting deep canyons and forming river valleys all over the globe! Every mountain range in the world has run-off canyons. They are clearly visible from an airplane!

Remember though, that the ark ran aground and rested on the mountains of Ararat about 2 1/2 months before the tops of the mountains were seen! During that time the water level receded no more than 15 cubits or about 23 feet. That’s an average of only 2.25 inches per day! And it was another 2 months before the dove found a place to nest. At that rate of 2.25 inches per day, 6,000 feet of water worldwide would take 32,000 days (nearly 88 years) for all that water to drop to today’s sea level! God made sure that the ark was secured and that the water level had slowly moved down away from the ark before the traumatic events took place in the earth’s crust to provide the present day continents, oceans, and mountain ranges.

A Sudden Drop in Water Level

With the ark safely positioned above the water line, suddenly the ocean beds must have dropped, and at least some of the mountain ranges were abruptly uplifted, causing the water to rush in frightful torrents on its way to the oceans. The Bible does not tell us, but I wonder if Noah and the animals in the ark had a wild ride when all that happened? I suppose that God kept that part of the earth stable for their sake during those traumatic events. Just viewing the aftermath of a local flood, or of a dam that has broken, gives us a very miniaturized picture of the devastation that would have been caused by these events! The uplifted layers of sedimentary rock formed by the flood deposits that are seen in road cuts, especially in the mountains today, are mute testimony of the mountains rising sometime in the past! Even evolutionary scientists speak of "up thrusts" in the earth’s crust.

The Inland Lakes Also Form

The oceans today undoubtedly are deeper and larger than they were before the flood, in order to accommodate all that extra water that fell from the heavens and that gushed up from the fountains of the great deep which caused the flood. Remember that it was calculated that today there are 326 million cubic miles of water in our present oceans. But the present large inland lakes were also apparently formed at that time as well; lakes such as the Caspian Sea, Great Salt Lake, etc. The Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea are in a huge depression that covers 100,000 square miles along the southwestern border of Russia and north of Iran. The Caspian Sea is 83.5 feet below sea level, and is very slowly shrinking in size from evaporation. None of these great inland seas could be formed under the conditions that exist in our world today.

There had to have been a massive amount of water to fill them to their present levels which have largely been maintained throughout recorded history. Geologists proved in the 1970's that the Colorado River could not have carved out the Grand Canyon! Much greater forces than just one river were required to cut such a massive canyon with all of its tributary canyons! But until then, evolutionary scientists insisted the the Colorado River had cut the canyon through solid rock. If that were so, why is the Platte River in Nebraska not a canyon? More recently, these evolutionists now say there was a massive natural dam east of the canyon that broke, and the water behind that dam cut the Grand Canyon. But where did all that water that formed that supposed lake behind that earthen dam come from?? It would have had to have been an enormous lake, yes, a world-wide lake to cut that mile deep canyon through what is now multiple layers of solid rock!

The Climate Was Changed

Second, the climate has been drastically changed as well after the flood. After the flood, God said that now there would be "seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night" as long as the earth remains! (Genesis 8:22). Genesis 1:14 said the two lights created by God in the beginning were for "signs and seasons, days and years." There are "seasons" in the tropics, but they are not differentiated by "seedtime and harvest" "cold and heat", and even "summer and winter" blend together. Apparently even "day and night" must have been different when the entire globe was blanketed with water in some form above our atmosphere.

Before the flood, there does not seem to have been much variation in temperature and climate anywhere on earth. Even the fossil record substantiates that conclusion! One could plant any time of the year, and harvest it whenever it got ripe. There was no summer or winter, cold or heat, etc. But, after the flood had taken place, there were winds, mentioned for the first time. (Genesis 8:1) This implies great differences in temperature between the equator and the Polar Regions. With the "green- house" or "terrarium" effect suddenly removed, the water that flooded the earth at the Polar Regions then quickly froze creating massive ice caps on the two poles, the remains of which still exist today. Ice at one time covered much of Canada and parts of the northern United States during what has been called "the ice age", but has been receding ever since the flood.

After the waters quit "increasing", and the ark rested on the mountains of Ararat, the flood waters continued to cover the earth for another 135 days (4 1/2 months) before it very rapidly dropped in depth as the mountains rose and the valleys sank down! Those 4 1/2 months, plus the 3 1/2 months (110 days) between the time the rains stopped and the waters began to decrease, provided plenty of time for that water to freeze to great depths in the frigid cold at the poles as a result of the absence of the water above the expanse.

Before There Was Global Warming

At the end of that 8 month period when the mountains rose and the valleys sank down, the water rushed into the deeper ocean basins, and the ice on both poles, even if not frozen clear through, would have dropped with the water level until it hit bottom. Then, as the water continued to rapidly rush into the enlarged oceans, undoubtedly glaciers would begin to break off and slide away into the areas where the water had disappeared.. Glaciers are still receding,...and it’s not from the so-called "global warming".

 I believe these glaciers are the remnants of that ice that has been receding every since the flood of Noah’s day. This would also explain at least some aspects of what has been called the "ice ages". But, still today, thousands of years after the flood, it is calculated that 3/4 of all of the earth’s fresh water is still trapped in the polar ice caps and glaciers! And until that ice slowly melted and receded toward the polar regions, adding enormous qualitities of water to the oceans raising the level of the oceans, most if not all of the earth’s land masses could easily have been connected, either by land bridges or by glacial ice, enabling many animals that were on the ark, or at least their offspring to migrate to every part of the globe.

Undoubtedly, some of the descendents of Noah may have also crossed on these "land bridges" repopulating all the continents of the earth before the level of the oceans rose from the melting ice to cover those causeways. Before all that ice melted, no part of of the globe would have been isolated from Mount Ararat by large expanses of ocean. Studies of the depths of the ocean floor show that there are great ridges on the ocean floor between the continents and other land masses. The water level would not have to drop very much today to expose many of these "land bridges". The best known of these "land bridges" that undoubtedly once existed is between Alaska and Russia in the Bering Sea. It is known as the "Bering Strait".

Now that the "waters above the expanse" are gone, and the flood waters have rushed into the ocean basins, there would be rainstorms and droughts. Can you imagine the uneasiness that Ham, Shem, and Japheth may have felt, after having spent a year and ten days in the ark, and now just a short time after disembarking from the ark, it began to rain again! We know that when Noah sacrificed offerings to God that it began to rain, because they saw a rainbow in the sky! Now, the only living creatures on earth were the pairs of animals and the eight people who just go off the ark!

Life Becomes Shorter

After the flood, man’s lifespan also dropped off dramatically! Here is a chart that illustrates the change in the lifespan of humans after the flood:

Life spans following the flood.

Shem lived 600 years. That’s only 2/3 as long as the lifespan of nearly every one who had lived before him. When the flood came, he was 98 years old and apparently just a newlywed. His son, Arpacshad, lived only 438 years. And eight generations after Arpacshad, Abraham died at the age of 175 years! The Bible describes him as of a "ripe old age" at the time of his death! (Genesis 25:7,8). When Noah was 175 years old, he probably wasn’t even interested in girls yet! When he was 600 years old, he still was not a grandfather!! His first grandchild was not born until after the flood!

Overlapping Life Spans

It is interesting to note that according to the Genesis chronologies, Noah was still living when Abraham was born! A very detailed geneology of everyone from Adam to Noah’s son Shem, documents that the flood came 1,656 years after the creation of Adam! (Genesis 5:1-32). And Genesis 11:10-26 also provides another very detailed geneology from Shem to Abram (Abraham)! An interesting fact is that Noah’s father Lamech was 56 years old when Adam died!! And Methuselah, Noah’s grandfather, died the same year that the flood came! Furthermore, Methuselah was a contemporary of Adam for 243 years!! And the geneology recorded in Genesis 11 reveals that Abram was already 48 years old before Noah died!! And Jacob was 38 years old when Noah’s son Shem died! So there is almost a direct link from Adam to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Here is a chart with the geneological timeline from Adam to Noah and his family:

Antedluvian chart

 Here is the genealogical time line from Noah to Jacob:


Geneology from Noah to Jacob.

 Conclusion:  Facts Require a Universal Flood

If you take the Bible seriously at all, then you must believe in a universal flood, after carefully studying the Bible’s own account of it! It also conclusively demonstrates that the creation of Adam and Eve on the sixth day of the creation week was a mere 1,656 years before the flood! It also clearly proves that it was only 302 years from the flood to the birth of Abraham! And it was only 462 years from the flood to Jacob’s birth!

Before the flood came, our world was much different than it is today. In our next message, we will see the archaeological evidence that supports this fact. Then the flood came, which the Bible clearly describes as a world-wide flood destroying all air-breathing life on the face of the earth except those few in the ark. And now we live in a vastly different world! When the flood of Noah is spoken of in the New Testament Scriptures, it generally is compared with the final destruction of the earth by fire at the end of time when Christ returns.

Coming:  A Universal Fire

The verses following our text (2 Peter 3:10-13) go into detail explaining that the heavens and earth as they exist now after the flood, are going to be burned up; even the "elements will be destroyed with intense heat." (vs. 10). There will be absolutely nothing left of it! It certainly will not be refurbished into a "paradise"! There will be nothing left after the very elements are destroyed, to be refurbished! "But according to His promise, we are looking for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells." (2 Peter 3:13).

Are you ready for that day to come? We are more certain that Christ is going to come again than we are that tomorrow will come! In I Peter 3, Peter reminds us that Christ had preached through Noah to those who were later destroyed in the flood, but they were disobedient! (vs. 20a). Finally, "a few, that is, eight persons were brought safely through the water" in the ark! (vs. 20b).

Water was definitely involved in Noah’s physical salvation, when eight souls were saved by water" (KJV). And Peter says there is something that corresponds to that today that is involved in your salvation and mine...the salvation of our souls! Read it in 1 Peter 3:21: "And corresponding to that (eight people saved through water), baptism now saves you-- not the removal of dirt from the flesh, but an appeal to God for a good conscience -- through the resurrection of Jesus Christ." How many believed God in the days of Noah? Those who were obedient and entered the ark! How many of you really believe God today? All of you who are obedient to Him in baptism, appealing to God for a good conscience, and then live faithfully for Him.

God's Avoidance Plan

If you are not a Christian, and are not in God’s spiritual ark (the church) today, we urge you to be saved like Peter, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, said you must be! It involves a heartfelt appeal to God for a good conscience as you are baptized in water! This clearly demonstrates that we do not have a good conscience, nor are we saved, before we are baptized! It also demonstrates that we knew we were not saved before we were baptized, and that we were baptized because we desperately wanted a good conscience. That can only happen if we know we have done what God asked of us in order to have a good conscience; be baptized in order to have a good conscience.

It is obedience to God’s command so that you may be saved as you "appeal to God for a good conscience". This is not "baptismal regeneration", where baptism alone saves you! I do not know of anyone who actually believes that. I certainly don’t! Neither do I believe in salvation by "grace alone", or by "faith alone"! This confirms the fact that we must understand the reason why we are being baptized! It is not just whether you were put under the water! You can have a good conscience only when you know your sins are forgiven and saved from the penalty of your sins, based on what the Bible clearly teaches about baptism. Don’t be disobedient, like those in the days of Noah! Their spirits are still in "prison" ("Hades") and in torment because of their unbelief and disobedience, and will be for all eternity!  

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