Privacy Policy

Ncbible is dedicated to safeguarding and preserving the privacy of all of its users.

Understanding that your personal information is entrusted to us, Ncbible takes privacy very seriously. Data Protection Laws and any related clinical confidentiality rules, such as those issued from time to time by the General Medical Council (GMC), are complied with.
This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, store, and disclose your personal information, as well as your rights in regards to such information.
Please take the time to go through the information below to get a clear picture of how we use your personal information. You agree to the practises stated or alluded to in this Privacy Policy if you provide us with your personal data or use our services, website, or other online or digital platform(s).
Ncbible Clinic, 44 Copthorne Way CAMBOIS NE24 2NH, is the data controller for the purposes of Data Protection Laws.
The term “we,” “us,” and “our” refers to Ncbible.


In this policy, we use the term “personal data” to refer to information that may be used to identify an individual.
When you use our services or interact with us in any way, we may collect and use personal information about you. This includes when you visit our websites, complete a form, or communicate with us in any other way. Information on your health or other private matters may be included in the list, depending on the services you receive from us.

The following types of information about you may be included in the personal data we gather:

  • Your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, as well as any other personal information you provide when you inquire about our services or apply for a job with us (including email address and phone number)
  • The name and phone number of your nearest relatives
  • A list of any recommendations or quotations you received from us, as well as any other interaction we had with you
  • And/or therapy you have gotten from us or from a third-party provider that we have directed to us
  • Your participation in surveys, marketing, and competitions involving customers
  • Calls made and received call logs
  • Notes and reports on your health and treatment, including information on trips to the clinic and hospital, as well as the medications you’ve been given.
  • You offer patients with comments and information on treatment outcomes.
  • Several events that have been reported
  • You provide us with your financial and credit card information when you make a payment to us.
  • In addition to your use of our websites and other online platforms (apps), as well as information from our business partners, advertising networks, analytics providers or other companies that have obtained your right to share information about you, we may collect additional information from you.

It is your obligation to ensure that anybody you have designated as a next-of-kin and to whom you have disclosed personal data is aware of and agrees to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

We may automatically gather personal information about you when you visit any of our websites, such as:

Your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser kind and version, time zone setting, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform, and more.

We may ask you to provide us with sensitive personal information. A person’s mental or physical health, as well as their racial or ethnic origin (which may include children’s data) are included in this. This Privacy Policy states that we may treat your sensitive personal data for any reason for which you have given us your permission.


If you provide us with personal information, we may:

  • Check out a website of ours
  • Contact us to inquire about any of our products or services
  • Be a patient or customer of ours and/or make an appointment for any of our services and treatments
  • Us by filling out a form or survey
  • Make a purchase on our site
  • Take part in a contest, campaign, or other form of marketing promotion
  • Make remittances;
  • You may get in touch with us by email, phone call, or social media.
  • On any of our websites, you can participate in interactive features.

Calls to Ncbible and its agents may be monitored or recorded for training and improvement purposes.

How Much Personal Data Do Third Parties and Other Sources Have Access to?

We may obtain information about you from other sources;

Ncbible or a third-party consultant may get medical information about you in the form of a referral.

Ncbible may have access to your personal information and medical records if it is necessary for consultants to do so.

Ncbible’s personal information will be shared with insurance providers who have started a claim and need medical care from Ncbible. In the majority of cases, this will be in the form of a recommendation, which will include the patient’s full name and date of birth as well as the surgery or therapy they are requesting.


We shall protect your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, relevant Data Protection Laws, clinical record keeping periods, and clinical confidentiality rules unless you expressly consent differently.
Only individuals involved in your treatment or care will be given access to your private health information, and this will be done in compliance with UK legislation and professional body norms or for clinical audits (unless you object). In the next section, you will find more information on how we utilise your health information. When you grant us permission to use your sensitive personal data, we will only use it for those purposes. Although we have listed the purposes for which we may use your personal information below, we will only use your sensitive personal data for those purposes if you have given us your explicit agreement to do so.


  • Allow us to fulfil our contractual duties to you, including those relating to the supply of our services or treatments to you and associated matters such as billing, accounting and audit, credit or other payment card verification and anti-fraud screening.
  • Give you what you desire from us in terms of information, goods or services
  • Information about our goods and services that we believe you’ll find useful. Without your permission, we will only contact you via electronic means (e-mail or SMS) with information about products and services that are similar to those that you have previously purchased or inquired about from us, unless you have checked the relevant box on the form on which we collect your data.
  • As an option, we will allow you to participate in interactive parts of our services.
  • Inform you of any changes to our goods or services that may affect you
  • In cases where we are required to do so by law or regulation
  • As part of the claims or litigation process, audit medical and billing information for insurance claims and verify the accuracy of information about you and your treatment or care.
  • Assist your doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider
  • For example, if you have issues or complaints about the quality of treatment you got, we encourage you to submit a customer satisfaction survey so that they may be fully evaluated.
  • Conducting and analysing research on the market
  • To guarantee that the material from any of our websites is shown in the most effective way for you and your computer.


If you have any questions about how we handle your personal information, please feel free to contact us at any time by email at We undertake regular security evaluations to guarantee that our information systems are safe and secure.

For as long as it is required for the purpose for which it was obtained and in compliance with all applicable UK laws, we will keep any personal data you send us. To learn more about retention periods, please go here.

We may transmit and keep your personal information outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). We or one of our vendors may also use workers based outside the EEA to process your data. Your personal data will be protected in line with Data Protection Laws if it is transferred beyond the European Economic Area (EEA). You consent to this transmission, storage, or processing of your personal data by sending it to us. As outlined in this Privacy Policy, we shall take all reasonable precautions to protect your personal information from unauthorised access and use.

Your personal information is safe with us. Third-party payment processors will handle all transactions securely. It is your responsibility to protect the confidentiality of any password we have given you (or selected for you) so that you may access particular portions of our website. We ask that you do not give out your password to anybody else.

Internet data transfer cannot be guaranteed to be entirely safe. In spite of this, we take every precaution to guarantee that any information you provide to our websites is encrypted. All of your information will be protected by strong protocols and security measures after we have received it.

Personal information may be sent to you or sent to us through email at your request, or you may opt to do it yourself. If you choose to transmit or receive sensitive information by email, you are taking a significant risk by using this technique.


Certain third-party organisations that we rely on to provide our services may have access to your personal data in the course of doing business with us. The following may be included in this:

  • Business partners, suppliers and subcontractors for the fulfilment of any contract we engage into with you. —
  • Information technology (IT) companies that provide assistance and hosting for your data’s IT systems
  • For debt collection reasons, third-party collectors
  • Delivery services for transportation purposes,
  • It is necessary to secure the required consent when using third-party service providers to store and destroy sensitive information, as well as third-party marketing firms for sending promotional emails.

There are strong contractual and legal requirements in place for third-party data processors, which we make care to enforce in addition to their duties under the Data Protection Laws.

Personal data may be shared with third parties in the case of a sale of our assets, as well as in the event that we are legally obligated to do so.


In compliance with this Privacy Policy, only sensitive personal data (such as information on your health) will be shared with third parties. If you’re being treated or cared for by someone other than a medical professional, you must follow all applicable UK laws and rules. As a result, it may be shared with anybody who may be liable for paying for your medical care or their representatives. In order to guarantee that the highest standards of care and record keeping are maintained, it may be shared with other service providers and regulatory organisations (unless you object).

In order to provide the best possible care for our patients, we exchange clinical information about you with the medical specialists working with us. Whether or whether they are employed by us, our medical experts may be consultants in private practise. It is important to note that independent consultants are responsible for maintaining their own records, either alone or with us, in compliance with Data Protection Laws and appropriate clinical recommendations and retention periods. That’s why we’ll connect you to a data privacy expert if that is the case. Those requests are mandated by our contracts with consultants. They will only use your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy or as otherwise communicated to you in all situations.

If we refer you to an outside practitioner for treatment, we will share with them the clinical and administrative information that we think necessary for that recommendation. Doing this will always be obvious.

We may also share information about your treatment with your GP if the practitioners treating you feel it is clinically appropriate. Even if you tell us you don’t want us to, we’ll honour your request if it’s lawful for us to do so, but you should know that denying your GP complete information about your medical history has the potential to be harmful and/or damaging to your health.

Only if your medical insurance is paying for all or part of your treatment with us do we discuss with them information regarding your therapy, its clinical need, and its cost. We just provide them the information they’re entitled to. To investigate any complaints or claims, we may need to share personal information with your medical insurance company.

NHS: We will communicate your treatment data with the portion of the NHS that referred you to us, as necessary for us to conduct, process, and report back on the treatment that you received from us.
In the event that you file a complaint or that the conduct of a healthcare practitioner involved in your therapies is alleged to have fallen below the relevant standards, we may be asked – and in some cases can be required – to share certain information about your care with medical regulators such as the Medical Council .  Your privacy will always be protected, and we will do so in accordance with the law.
We reserve the right to release information if it is absolutely necessary for the delivery of healthcare, but any such disclosures will always be protected by patient confidentiality.
In the event of an emergency or if you are unable to consent, we may also use or disclose your personal data (including sensitive information) in order to defend your ‘vital interest’ (i.e. your life or your health).
We will use your personal information to keep tabs on the progress of your care, whether it be with us directly or through the NHS.
Every year, we engage in national audits and programmes aimed at enhancing the quality of patient care. In conformity with Data Protection Laws and confidentially, your personal data will be treated with the utmost care. This data will only be made available to the public in an anonymized, statistical form. This type of data can be utilised for our own research, as well as shared with other parties for their own objectives.


We, like all independent hospital operators, are required by law to provide activity data, including some personal data, as described in greater detail below, for publication by The Private Healthcare Information Network in order to provide comparable clinical outcomes and performance data to the general public (PHIN).
Privately-funded healthcare in the United Kingdom is the responsibility of PHIN, which collects, processes, and publishes data on quality and cost. The purpose of this information being made public is to:

  • To help general practitioners make informed judgments about which healthcare providers to refer their patients to, we must:
  • Make educated decisions about where to get care in the future
  • Help health care providers (hospitals and consultants) to enhance the quality and safety of their services by comparing their performance to that of other providers. 
  • To assist regulators in identifying any potential issues that might affect patient safety, allowing them to better target inspections and improve patient care.

To comply with PHIN’s requirements, healthcare providers must submit detailed information about each episode of patient care, including a summary of each patient’s treatment record, including dates of hospitalisation, treatments administered, and who administered them.
Patient satisfaction surveys, Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS), which measure how well patients’ health improves after treatment, and information on any adverse events involving the patients treated are all things providers must disclose.
NHS Number (England, Wales, or the Isle of Man) or CHI Number (Scotland) and a postal code must be provided to each patient. Only an allowed organisation  with access to the information linking NHS Numbers to other personal information could use this information to identify an individual. Patients’ NHS numbers and discharge dates are securely transmitted to information authorities such as 

  • NHS digital in England;
  • The NHS Wales Informatics Service is in charge of information technology in Wales.
  • In Scotland, the Information and Statistics Division
  • The Health and Social Care Board in Northern Ireland; and
  • The Office of National Statistics (ONS) for UK-wide mortality data.

When needed by law or in the interest of the general public, PHIN will share records of care and personal data with the non-departmental entities and agencies listed above, but only in certain cases.
According to data protection laws, everyone has the right to get a copy of any personal data that an organisation has on them by submitting a “Subject Access Request” (as set out in more detail below). It is necessary for those applying to PHIN to supply a valid NHS Number (or its equivalent in Scotland or Northern Ireland) and other forms of identification in order to access any data the organisation has collected.


According to the terms of this Privacy Policy, we may send you information about our products and services that we think you’ll find interesting, if you’ve given us your consent to use your personal data for marketing purposes.
You have the right to request at any time that we not use your personal information in this manner.
To unsubscribe from receiving web-based marketing material, send an email to with the subject line “unsubscribe.” Please give us a sufficient amount of notice so that we can update our systems if you need non-web-based marketing information sent to: Marketing Department, Ncbible clinic, 44 Copthorne Way CAMBOIS NE24 2NH. Regardless of how far in advance you need to let us know, we normally appreciate at least 30 days’ notice.


You have a number of legal options when it comes to the personal information we have about you. There are a number of other rights you may have in addition to the one described above, which are briefly summarised here. However, this is not a comprehensive summary of the law.

  • A copy of your personal data may be requested, with some exclusions for reasons of other people’s privacy.
  • If the information we have about you is incorrect, you have the right to have it updated. This freedom does not apply to issues of opinion, such as medical diagnosis, thus it is necessary to be aware of this. Please let us know if any of your personal information has changed, notably your email address, postal address, or phone number, so that we can keep your personal data up to date.
  • Contact us at or write to us for the attention of the data protection officer at the address below to exercise your rights in relation to your personal data. We may require you to establish your identity before responding to a request for information in order to protect your privacy.